VR Fire Extinguisher Training

Selecting VR Fire Extinguisher Training, Why?

Military and Fire Authorities use this VR

After careful consideration, FCF have adopted the most innovative, interactive learning tool to ensure the learnt transfer of information is the most effective and sustainable for our clients in the shortest amount of time – it’s so effective that both the Military and National Fire Authorities use this in their national training centres as their primary physical training for fire simulations.

Staff Engagement on a new level with fire extinguisher training in a virtual world

Train in your working environment
for a real fire event

Building a Virtual World for fire training takes experts from many fields to deliver the most realistic experience while meeting the legislation of each Australian State. FCF spent time with Virtual Reality experts in USA, Europe, and Australia to help an Australian Developer design the ultimate experience for FCF clients. The realism of being in a virtual world; fire extinguisher training is second only to a real event.

VR Fire Extinguisher Training

Muscle Memory And The Brain Science Behind VR

Role of Dopamine in strengthening skills

Our brains learn in different ways. For some it’s the physical aspect of holding and performing a task, while others have a photographic memory. In the Virtual World of Fire Extinguisher Training, both aspects are completed. The behaviour skills part of the brain is training the body at a neurochemical level. The learner performs the fire extinguisher VR exercise and receives immediate corrective feedback. If the task is completed successfully, the neurotransmitter dopamine is released and the likely hood of the learner performing that task again in a real fire event is increased.

VR Is The Ideal Platform For Fire Extinguisher Training Retention

The goal of all training, including fire extinguisher skills training, is to convey information that learners will store in long-term memory. Fire in a business premise is high risk and having an employee who didn’t uptake at a training level becomes a dangerous situation. The brain is actually hardwired to forget. Our brains have adapted to our ever-changing environments because we can’t possibly remember everything, our brains have limited storage. We need our brains to store valuable lifesaving information, such as how to use a fire extinguisher.

For fire extinguisher and first response training to ‘’Stick’’ physical training is the most desirable to help the human brain retain fire extinguisher training skills. The goal is long term memory activation. VR Fire Extinguisher Training has all the elements to trigger the brain into long term memory retention of fire extinguisher training.

VR World

fire Extinguisher Training Advantages
of The Virtual World


Provides clients with the capability and situations in scenarios that are, inherently unsafe and difficult to reproduce. No longer possible due to environmental, community and regulatory constraints. Incur Significant training costs in time, people and assets

FCF Virtual Fire Extinguisher Training is:

  • Safe
  • Low cost
  • Portable training solution
  • Fire extinguisher use in attacking a fire timed
  • Select scenarios suitable to the business risks
  • Process of actions required when a fire is located
  • When to exit a fire incident at the correct flame size
  • An enjoyable experience which activates Brain Muscle Memory
  • All Staff enjoy a projected image of the users’ head set and learn from every scenario’s desired outcomes
VR Training


Virtual Reality Course Has An Online Interactive Theory Component

Which Covers-

  • Fire, the elements that make up a fire
  • Type of fire equipment found in a business
  • Identification of fire extinguishers / other portable fire equipment
  • Operation of fire extinguishers and more
  • Includes Certificate

Physical aspect of First Response Fire Training is only one part of knowing how to successfully use a fire extinguisher. FCF offer our interactive theory component to complement the physical training. Completing the Fire Extinguisher Training in this manner allows flexibility to our clients. Over the years FCF has worked with employers to lower the lost time to businesses and complete the state legislation requirements at a minimal cost.

The online component meets all Australian Legislation requirements. FCF recommend completing a physical course to ensure your staff understand the fire risks and how to physically put out a fire.

Ultimate Realism

Customise to your business or industry

The Virtual World Fire Extinguisher Training, places the users in a realistic training scenario available by utilising several components:

  • Head Mounted VR Headset - no limiting cables
  • Extinguisher Nozzle Sensor - attaches to all real-world fire extinguishers in your workplace

Fire Training Scenarios

Each business has a fire risk that possess different risks due to the type of business and availability of trained staff. Utilising one of our standard scenarios or building your own scenario to suit your business with FCF, allows the highest training in the industry. FCF have 33 scenarios and are adding more yearly; one will suit your business or build your own.

  • Office
  • Warehouse
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Car
  • Aircraft
  • Ship
  • Plus, a lot more.

Note: R&D Team can work with your organisation to develop customised scenarios that are unique in your workplace or industry.



Do you need a technical expert?

FCF consider a trainer to be a key part in skill retention. A trainer must have the basic competent skills to train a group and understand the inner working of fire equipment. Fire Technicians are often the desired trainers for FCF, as they assess the building fire design requirements and can adjust the physical training to suit the building fire assets and desired engineered fire matrix. The inner knowledge of a fire technician and consistent monthly training ensures that our clients have the most appropriate trainers on their premise delivering first class training.


All Staff Members according to Australian Legislation and Standards

Staff are required to complete first response training every two years. FCF recommend that Fire Wardens and the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) should complete training annually. Keeping in mind that the Australian Standards are the bare minimum to meet compliance. Building a purpose built Fire Scenario for your organisation means that compliance has been met and exceeded. Training once a year is highly recommended to trigger Brain Muscle Memory.


FCF work with you to design your
premise in a virtual tour

Working with your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Team, FCF assess the highest risks and the desired training outcome. Working with businesses individually allows for a Virtual World that is tailored to your business and the risk associated with the likelihood of a fire.

Designing real world scenarios allows your staff to be in an environment that they are for normal working conditions. Standing in a familiar working environment with a realistic fire situation allows to locate and select the correct fire extinguisher for this situation. The training also allows the user to understand extinguisher use times and at the correct flame height to move towards an exit situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can only one person learn at a time while in the Virtual World?

The users screen is projected in a 2D version for all staff to see the screen and desired outcome of each scenario. The group learns as individuals participate in the Virtual World.

Time frame required for staff to complete the course?

Depending on the type of training will determine the estimated time frames:

Based on groups of 15

  • Physical Theory and VR Training (120 minutes)
  • Online Theory and VR training (60 to 80 minutes)

FCF’s recommendation is Online Theory as staff can complete at own pace in approx. 15 minutes for experienced personal and approx. 40 minutes for newcomers to First Response Training.

How many staff can perform a session in the Virtual Training?

15 in a group session is ideal to cover all the key scenarios, smaller groups can be covered in a shorter time frame dependant on numbers and the risks each business has in their environment.

How much to train 15 staff in Virtual fire extinguisher training?

The VR aspect is $1150.00 for up to 15 people in a session. Which also includes the online theory component.

The area needed to perform fire extinguisher training in a virtual world?

An ideal area is in a board room or area with enough room to use a desk projector. The seating capacity for 15 trainees.  Floor space area of 2m x 2m.   For larger scenarios and ability to walk around a pallet fire for example 4m x 4m is recommended.

Does the course cover office fires, vehicle fires and more?

The current course has 33 different scenarios which include majority of fire emergencies in Australian businesses. FCF has the ability to custom build a scenario to your design and risk to make the experience ultra-realistic. With new scenarios coming out each year, clients will have an increase of choices year on year.

Can FCF build a Virtual World and specific scenes for our Business?

Building a virtual world to reflect your everyday business environment or activities and using a high-risk fire incident; the realism could not be any closer to a real fire event. Scenario building to suit your business is highly recommended, and the cost varies on requirements. A guideline is between $1000 to $5000. You will be surprised at what FCF can design for your requirements.

Does live flame fire training work better than VR training?

Training with a real fire is becoming harder with council and fire authority requirements. Utilising the virtual world allows for real life situations. Extinguishing a fire in a controlled environment is not the same as a calculated risk and the data of real fire results. Being in a Virtual World and watching the progress of an office fire in front of the user has multiple advantages of exposing the user to that situation, but also keeping the user safe.

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